Enforcing Community Covenants—Options and Procedures

Just like a board of directors for any corporation, directors on community association boards owe certain responsibilities to the corporate entity they serve: the association. One of the most important board responsibilities, other than ensuring the association is properly funded, is to enforce the community's covenants.

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Beware of Association Dissolution

There are a number of things that Georgia community associations need to do each year, regardless of whether it is a condominium association, a homeowners association, or even a commercial owners' association.

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Association Document Retention: “Know When to Hold ‘Em”

A community association is organized as a nonprofit corporation, and just like any other corporation, it needs to follow the applicable corporate code and the directors and officers that run it have duties to the corporation. This includes keeping records to show that the directors and officers performed those duties, as well as any obligations imposed on the corporation/association by the declaration.

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The Dogma on Dog Bites

While an owner's love for their dog is unconditional, sometimes our friendly dogs are not so friendly to our neighbors. This can be a serious concern for community associations, especially when dogs are permitted on the common areas.

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Condominium Water Woes

The Georgia Condominium Act, O.C.G.A. § 44-3-70, et. seq. (the "Act"), requires condominium associations to maintain property insurance policies for fire and extended coverage in an amount sufficient for full replacement costs of all buildings and structures within the condominium. This coverage applies to the buildings and structures themselves, which includes the common elements, limited common elements, and units.

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Time for New Pool Rules . . . in Autumn?

It may still be in the 80s and 90s outside, but by now most pools are closed till next year. Oddly enough, however, this an ideal time for property managers and boards to revisit their community's pool rules. Think about it—in the weeks leading up to that big Memorial Day party, is the board really going to remember the specific rules it wished were in place last year? Probably not.

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